the favorite torch for beginners and those that want a torch that is
extremely portable and can go anywhere. Use with disposable MAPP
gas canisters, or bulk tank.
Hot Head Torch
The burner has a specially designed with surface mix stainless steel front end and
precision needle valves. Uses either natural or propane gas with easily adjustable
control valves. Variable flame size with no tips to change and a narrow head for
easy manipulation. Smooth action tilt, heavy base and easy take-apart
construction. Torch is easily removed from the stand for use by hand or as a lathe
burner. .23 to 5 psi gas and 5 to 15 psi oxygen

Minor Torch

Just what you need to clamp your Hot Head to your work surface.

Hot Head Clamp Set

12 foot - oxygen and gas line joined together. I.D. 1/4".

Propane and Oxygen Hose Set


Rods are 5-6mm and 13 inches in length.