Graphite Paddle - 2" wide by 3" long
This graphite paddle is perfect for marvering traditional sized beads. Also
great for use as a shaping tool.
Fiber Blanket
6" wide x 12" long by 2". Place your hot beads between the layers to slow
the cooling process of your beads. Care should be taken when handling.
Kiln annealing is always recommended, even with the use of the Fiber

Bead Reamer
My personal favorite cleaning tool.  Very aggressive reamer has tungsten
carbide fused onto a wire with a wooden handle.  Use on beads with a
3/32 hole or larger.

Bead Wire
Nice durable wire with grooves for cleaning.  For use on beads with 1/16
or larger hole.

Bead Brush
Gentle cleaning for those beads you want to be a little more careful with.  
For beads with 3/32 hole or bigger.
Bead Rake
Used for poking or raking.  Great versatile tool to have in your collection.
Nice knurled grip for easy holding.

15 Slot Rod Rest
Stainless steel V-shaped platform to rest hot mandrels, glass and tools
on for easy access while working. This rest holds 15 items and is 8
inches wide by 3/4 inches tall.

Grooved Marver Plate
A combination marver and pattern impresser.  One side has a smooth finish and the
other has vertical parallel fins with rounded tops. Rolling the hot gather over the fins
produces a linear pattern a grid pattern or a diamond (pineapple) pattern. Made of
solid aluminum. Also great for holding those hot twisties and stringers you just made!

Peters Tweezers
Fantastic for lining up fish eyes, marking opposite sides of beads for accurate
placement of your designs and the ultimate ability to make glass loops on beads or
Self Closing Tweezers
Once clamped, these tweezers won't let go until released. Squeeze to
open, release to close. Curved tips are finely serrated.  Stainless steel
with heat-resistant fiber grips. 6 1/2 inches long.

Rake and Spatula
those tight spots.  Great dual purpose tool to have.

$34.95 each
Small Four Finger - 3/8" to 1-1/4" diameter (9.5 - 32mm) 18 gauge wire
Large Four Finger - 3/4" to 2-1/4" diameter (19 - 57mm) 14 gauge wire

Curved fingertips open and close with sliding collars to assure a firm grip on glass
shapes. Curved tips are also designed to grip the inside of rings, tubes, etc.
Bead Reamer Bit
$1.00 each or 10 for $9.00

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Holding Tweezers ~ 8 inch
Nice, heavy duty stainless steel tweezers.  The length is 8 inches.  
They are great for holding your hot items.

1/16th inch diamond coated reamer to clean out that bead release super
fast! .

Looped Hemostat
7 Inch stainless steel looped hemostats. The interior of the loops are
grooved.  They are great for holding your hot small items.

Stainless Steel Frit Spoon
This is the best stainless steel frit spoon.  It has a nice shallow wide bowl
so that you don't have any issues getting the hot bead into the frit.  It sits
level on the table and with the rounded handle, it is ready and easy to
pick up when you want.  It is narrow enough that it is easy to scoop the
frit out of the jar and to pour the frit back into the jar when you are done.
The full length of the spoon is 3 3/4 inch.  The bowl is 2 inches by 1 1/2.
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5 Replacement Blades

Knife handle accepts double-sided blade to aid in impressing designs in hot glass.
Deluxe Utility Knife
The Ultimate Utility Knife

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Blade close up,
click for a larger
edge, a rake and a wonderful curve for shaping.
The Utility Knife
Holy Roller
Stainless steel.  Use it to create textured dots or stand it on its end in the back of your
kiln to use as a mandrel rest.

3/16 Big Hole Bead Reamer
3/16" (4.8mm) 150 Grit Diamond Reamer      
Length: 8 3/4"        Diamond length: 3 1/8"        
Perfect for cleaning your big hole beads      

8 Inch Stainless Steel Tweezers
Nice, heavy duty stainless steel tweezers.  The length is 8 inches.  
Serrated blunt tips, the serrated portion of the tips are about 7/8"
long. The handles have serrated grips for a secure hold.
Hot Fingers

8 Inch Straight Hemostat
8 Inch stainless steel straight hemostats. They have 2 inch serrated
jaws. Great for holding just about anything.
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