Flexible, viscous styrene-based adhesive ideally suited
for attaching glass and jewelry to metal findings,
glass-to-glass and other applications. Adheres in 5 to 10
minutes and hardens to clear waterproof cure in 24
hours. 3.7 oz

E6000 Adhesive
$4.25 each

Removes haze, light scratches, etc., from windows,
mirrors, or any glass surface. 2 oz
Cerium Oxide
$5.00 each

**NOTE: There needs to be enough transparent glass to transmit light to see the
stress in the glass.  It is as simple as using a flashlight as a light source along with
the polaroid lenses. A halo or flare will appear if excess stress is present.
Glass Stress Tester

$0.55 each
Clear 2oz Jar

$0.75 each
Clear 4oz Jar

60 mesh

$5.95 each
Small Enamel Sifter

$17.95 each
These are items that I just was not sure what page to put them on!

$0.50 each
Clear 1oz Jar