A solution that does not contain hydrofluoric or sulfuric acid. A reusable liquid solution of
ammonium bifluoride in water which can be used to etch glass, stemware, Christmas ornaments,
light bulbs, beads, etc. Produces a smooth matte finish without an unpleasant odor. Etching time
is 10-30 minutes. Not suitable for Pyrex or other borosilicate glasses.

B&B Dip-n-Etch Liquid
4oz - $19.95
16oz - $39.95
32oz - $64.95
A thick, creamy texture that when applied to glass or mirror, etches the surface leaving a smooth
white finish. Gives a permanent etch and can be reused.

B&B Etching Creme
4oz - $17.95
32oz - $74.95
A thick, creamy paste which imparts a frosted finish when applied to glass. Excellent results with
stencil masks. Not suitable for Pyrex or hard glass.

3oz - $6.95
12oz - $19.95
Armour Etch Frost