These are 104coe Dichro Bits in assorted colors. Sometimes there are only a couple colors and sometimes there are may colors, it just all depends on what I have available. They are prefired, so they have rounded edges. They are small pieces that are perfect tor adding dichro accents to your beads. They vary in size, but the majority of them are small enough to be able to fit onto a bead without having to cut or burn off any access.

1 Ounce - $8.50
5-6mm rods, each 16" long. Approximately 1/3 of the rod surface is
coated with dichro. Available on clear or black rods.

$6.00 each
Effetre (Moretti) Dichro Rods

$44.95 - 10 pack or
$5.00 each
10 Pack  
1 Stix
Dichromagic Hot Stix

Pre-fired glass strips. Dichro coating wraps around 1/2 of the
diameter. Rods are approximately 8 inches long and 1/4 wide.
Available on black or clear glass.

$44.95 - 10 pack or
$5.00 each
Psychedelic Hot Stix

These are the coolest dichro sticks I have
seen. Dichro coating wraps around 1/2 of
the diameter. Stix are approximately 8
inches long and 1/4 wide. Clear glass.
The image on the
right is the dichro
side taken on a
black background.
The photo above is taken on a black
background to see the colors better.
Dichro Noodles
Uroboros Clear Noodles - 3/16" by 16" long - Dichroic coating by CBS

Available in several colors (see drop down menu).

$7.00 Individual Noodle
$77.00 per each 12 piece tube (one free noodle per tube)

Dichro noodles are to long to fit into a flat rate box. If it makes a big cost savings to ship flat rate, I will cut the noodles in 1/2.

Sold by the ounce in prefused strips on clear glass. The strips range in width of 3/16" to 1/4" Currently available in these colors.

Green Magenta

$8.50 per ounce

Crinkle Dichro

Dichro Bits
Crinkle Dichro
is out of stock