soft cover - Kimberley Adams - $19.95
The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking

From making the first bead shape, to decorating it
with surface treatments including enamel and gold
leaf, this book is a complete at-home course in the
fascinating art of beadmaking. 176 pages of step
by step instructions and corresponding color
hard cover - Corina Tettinger - $75.00
Passing the Flame - 3rd Addition

A beadmaker's guide to detail and design. Covers
beadmaking from beginning to end. For aspiring
beginners, experienced lampworkers and lover of
glass art alike. Features hundreds of colorful
photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions.
222 pages.
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soft cover - Cindy Jenkins - $11.95
You Can Make Glass Beads!
Following these clear, concise instructions, you can
make a variety of glass beads. Excellent book with lots
of solid information for anyone looking to participate in
this :"hot" trend.

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soft cover - Corina Tettinger - $12.50
Spotlight on Hollow Beads and Vessels
The first of a series. This issue is devoted to hollow
beads and vessels. Nine popular artists freely
describe their method of producing their artwork.
Beautifully illustrated.

soft cover - Corina Tettinger - $12.50
Spotlight on Silver
In this issue is all you need to know about the
difference types of silver that can be worked into
beads. Over a dozen artists on all levels share their
ideas and tips.

hard cover - Bandhu Dunham  - $60.00
Contemporary Lampworking - Third Addition
Volume I and Volume II - Revised Addition
Revised and expanded to reflect the field's growth.
500 pages are split into two volumes and sold as a
set. Emphasis on murrini application, inside-out,
core-forming and neon plasma sculpture. The
gallery selection includes almost 100 artists.

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soft cover - $25.00
Dot, Dot, Dots!
Techniques and tutorials for glass
beadmakers. Easy-to-read explanations
show how techniques are refined,
implemented and layered. Tips and insights
help to develop essential skills and new
ways to problem-solve. Numerous tutorials
challenge to acquire

hard cover - $32.95
Advanced Glassworking Techniques
320 page spiral-bound glassblowing reference manual with
excellent hand-illustrated text. Covers basics, tools, color,
Venetian-style techniques, solidworking, moldblowing and other
special techniques

DVD - $25.00
The Adventures of Corina Jones and
the Secret of Stringer Control
Have problems taming that stringer? Discover the secrets of
how to work that super thin glass in this brand new DVD! Learn
to pull thick and thin stringers, make stringers with two rods,
make encased stringers, paint thin stringers, make swirls and
random lines and much more. Running time is 1 hour 45