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New - Bare Copper Wire
Do you like working with copper wire in your jewelry?
Do you like making headpins? I now have available
pure, bare, copper wire in 4 sizes. They are 14g, 16g,
18g and 20g. They are available in 4oz or 1 pound
Save on shipping by
ordering your wire with your
lampwork supplies. You can
find the copper wire on my
Metal Wire Page
New - DH Oracle Black
New glass
from Double
Helix can be
found on my
Double Helix
New - Bench Mount Shield
New bench mount shield for lamporking.
Having three spots available for adjustment,
the control you have over the positioning is
fantastic. And the price is fantastic, $135.  It
can be found on my
Eye Protection Page
I received in some Uroboros Frit
and Uro 96coe Dichroic Stringers
I know, I am surprised to have received anything 96coe, frit or dichro, but I did. I
am down to so few colors I am grateful to get any colors I can. You can find them
by going into the 96coe page. I have removed all the colors that are out of stock
to avoid any confusion and I have clearly marked how much of each color is
available. Don't wait to order, it is disappearing fast.
More colors
to be found
on the frit
pages as well.
Bullseye Partial Jars of Frit
Clearance Sale
Time for me to clear out the partial jars of
BE frits to free up some space here. I have
sold frit by the ounce for over 10 years and
have accumulated so many partial jars it is
time to have a big sale! What I have listed
on the sales pages is what is available so
don't wait to order. You can find the frit sale
on the
Odds-n-Ends Page
Effetre shipment is here
with two new colors.
The site has been updated! I do
have two new colors as well.

233 Canyon and 259 Sand

They can be found on my 104 coe
Pastel Page
Glaskolbens are
back in stock!