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This is pure
pigment, use it
with any coe. You
can find it on my
frit page, follow
the red arrow. Or
by clicking here:
Frit Page
Back in Stock CIM
203LTD Pimento
447LTD Elf
449 Kryptonite
482 Mojito
505LTD French Blue
529LTD Frost
534LTD Aegean
542LTD Blue Arrow Frog
563 Pulsar
The New CIM colors are here
216LTD Monarch
217LTD Harvest
315LTD Buttermilk
458LTD Apple Pie
459LTD Juniper
460LTD Turtle Power
461LTD Jelly Bean
462LTD Chrysalis
463LTD Siren
552LTD Tardis
553LTD Poolside
626LTD Enchanted
627LTD Rapunzel
728LTD Canoe
825LTD Spooky
826LTD Bone
911LTD Venus
New from Effetre
Yellow (Green) Ocher Odd Lot

I have not seen this color in so long I
don't remember when. Well over 10
years ago for sure. I do not have
very much of it, sorry, I do have to
limit it to 1 pound per person. You
can find it on my
Effetre Special Page
Brilliant Red

This is a different version of Effetre's
Transparent Red. They have said
that they are not sure if they can
replicate it or not, so I am not sure
how long this color will or will not be
around. It is a stunning deep rich
transparent red. You can find it on
Effetre Transparent Page